Here’s what you need to know about our Provisional Licence insurance

Are Provisional Licence insurance deals leaving you a little confused? Not sure which is the best learner driver cover for your son or daughter?

It can be hard to understand the legal requirements and costs of the short term insurance you will need when your teenager gets their first Provisional Licence and starts learning to drive.

And there could be even more kerfuffle when they pass their test and their insurance cover has to be negotiated once again.

Adrian Flux have made things easy with cheap Provisional Licence insurance cover, which can easily transfer into full cover once your son or daughter has passed their test.

Premiums for Provisional Licence insurance cover start at just £90 a month and can be taken out on a month-by-month basis – you only pay for the cover you need before passing your test.

You can take out Provisional Licence insurance for a learner driver for one, two, three, six or 12 months.

The experts at Adrian Flux have simplified matters further by answering your frequently asked questions on Provisional Licence insurance for learner drivers.

Provisional Licence insurance FAQs

Are there any special rules about who can be insured and who can accompany a learner driver?

Policy holders must hold a UK provisional licence and the accompanying driver must be over 25, with a valid UK driving licence which they have held for at least three years.

What happens about insurance cover when my child passes their test?

The Provisional Licence insurance cover automatically stops when a policyholder passes a driving test, but Adrian Flux has made it easy to organise continued cover with their value for money young driver insurance. We will already have all your details so changing your policy will be swift, cheap and hassle free.

I have a brand new car. Can I insure my daughter to learn to drive in it?

Adrian Flux offers offer fully comprehensive learner driver insurance for vehicles up to insurance group 30, valued at less than £20,000.

My teenage son has bought his own car to learn to drive in. Can he get short-term insurance to drive that as a learner?

The learner driver can insure their own car, even on short period policies.

My daughter is learning to drive in her own car but comprehensive insurance cover would cost more than the value of the car. What can she do?

Third party fire and theft is available on 12 month Provisional Licence insurance policies.

If we have to make a claim on the learner driver policy, what will happen to my no claims bonus?

Any claim will be settled on the Provisional Licence insurance policy, and will not affect the no claims bonus of the vehicle owner’s insurance.

We are a two car family and my daughter would like to be able to get practice in both. Are there any multi-car deals for short term insurance for teenagers holding a provisional licence?

If your child wants to drive both vehicles you can get a 50% discount on the second policy.

My daughter is not yet 17 but she has already bought a car which she will learn to drive in after her birthday. Can she get it insured now?

Adrian Flux aims to keep customers on the road. We can offer motor insurance quotes to 16 year olds for a policy that begins on their 17th birthday. Once the Provisional Licence holder has passed their it’s easy to update their details to cover a qualified driver.

What if her car gets damaged, before she turns 17?

Adrian Flux can cover the car for accidental damage, fire and theft before a 17th birthday, adding road cover on the big day. Parents can be covered to drive the car in the meantime.

What is the best way to find the perfect Provision Licence insurance policy for my teenage child?

Adrian Flux are the experts in Provisional Licence insurance and learner driver cover. For the best quote call 0330 123 1232 or click here to get call-back at a time that suits you.

Not yet got your provisional driving licence? Find out how to apply.

Learner driver insurance from £1 per day

Adrian Flux offers car insurance for learner drivers aged between 17 and 25 from just £1 per day, a cost-effective way for young learner drivers to get that all-important extra practice behind the wheel.