Video tips: the driving test’s new manoeuvres

Learner drivers in England, Scotland and Wales will now have to take a new driving test.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Authority (DVSA) says it’s a more realistic assessment of modern-day driving skills.

You are expected to be comfortable with more independent driving, to follow directions from a sat nav and while driving, answer vehicle safety questions.

New manoeuvres have also been introduced, which include forward bay parking, reversing out of a bay and pulling on to the other side of the road.

The reverse around a corner and turn-in-the-road (known as the three-point turn back in the day) will no longer be tested – but it’s a good idea to still be familiar with these skills. At some point in 2018, motorway lessons are also being introduced.

Here are some video tips on the driving test manoeuvres from Caroline’s Driving School.

Independent driving

During your driving test, you will now be asked to do about 20 minutes of independent driving. For most candidates, this will also include following directions on a sat nav, which will be set up by the examiner.

Watch our video on independent driving.

Forward bay park

You may be asked to pull into a bay driving forwards. The important thing is to keep the car slow, and make sure you observe everything that’s going on around you. As you pull into the bay, straighten the wheels and make sure you are well-positioned. You will need to secure the car when you’re fully in the bay and switch off the engine if you’re parking.

Watch our video on forward bay parking.

Pulling onto the other side of the road

You may be asked to pull up on the right-hand side of the road and when it’s safe to do so, reverse two cars lengths before rejoining the traffic. It’s important to observe everything going on around you and being aware of checking your car’s blind spot.

Watch our video pulling onto the other side of the road.

Pulling out of a bay

When pulling out of the bay, it’s important to make good observations throughout the manoeuvre. If there’s parked vehicles either side of you, it can obscure your view. As you reverse back, turn your wheel out of the bay but be careful about how the front swings around the parked vehicle beside you.

Watch our video on pulling out of a bay.

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